End of artistic residence exhibition at la Maison-Matrice


Article in le Quotidien Jurassien S Vaucher JLM

“I like to press my hand on the trunk of a tree I pass, not to make sure of the tree’s existence – of which I have no doubt – but of my own.” – Christian Bobin


«Chêne en abîme»

A hundred-year-old oak tree photographed in Crémines becomes the source of the paper and ink used to print its own image.
Print of a “copperplate” gravure on a “vat” paper made with the pulp from the oak’s leaves and black ink from the fallen branches and leaves then charred over a wood fire.
I am pleased to invite you to come and discover the work I did during my four-month residency at Maison-Matrice and look forward to meeting you on this occasion.

See you soon


Arno Hassler, copperprint atelier

Géza Vadas, lighting

Association la “Maison-Matrice” for the residence opportunity

Romain Crelier, atelier de gravure de Moutier

Pablo Osorio, atelier Genevois de gravure contemporaine

Francois Lafranca, atelier Lafranca, Collinasca

Viviane Fontaine, https://vivianefontaine.ch/

Impression numérique des photographies: https://www.photo-printout.ch