The way of the image

Seeking the essence of the present moments

What I am looking for is not easy to explain in words.
However, if I were to try to put into words what I feel, I would say that I am looking for purity and simplicity.

Whatever the subject of my interest as a photographer and the choice of reproduction technique, I am looking for the essence of what I want to show. My graphic work aims at the bare aesthetics of Japanese Haikus and hopes to nourish the imagination and the intimate sensations of the viewer.

I observe what is around me, I try to understand, to feel the deep nature of what I look at and I want to transmit the emotion of what I feel I am interested in what is close to where I live, what constitutes it, history, geology, geography, industry, sociology, as well as the use of available local resources, interdisciplinary interfaces, links between past and present.

A particular interest, born from my first training as a chemist, leads me to nourish myself with direct contact with the material and to perpetuate the manual know-how of the old reproduction techniques.ion.